The 1st Post is the Hardest

I’m excited to launch The Sassy Mom and share my views of Motherhood. I have a few finishing touching to do and pages to fill before I’m all done but I couldn’t wait any longer to jump in and say HI! I’ve been sitting on this blog for months, waiting to have everything perfect before I launch because I wanted my 1st post to be great! Well, this is my 1st official post and it is great because I actually sat down to do it and hit publish. I call this a major WIN!

Now that this post is out of the way and the high expectation I put on myself is gone, I can focus on great content for Awesome Moms everywhere.

See ya Weds! For reals….promise.


Welcome! Stay tuned as I transform this space into a Mom friendly guilt-free cozy place with Coaching Services, Blog Posts, Inspiring Stories, Sassy Graphic Prints, and more.

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