For the longest time I’ve been trying to plan out my business and blog so it’s just right, it’s seriously been years.  I wanted to get all the details in place so it’s ready to go like a ‘normal’ person….

For me, it doesn’t work that way and I’m far from ‘normal’….

In my everyday life, I’m spontaneous, with a ‘let’s go’ or ‘we can do that, let’s do that’ kind of attitude – throwing caution to the wind. Sometimes, ok often times, my husband has to talk me down and pull me out of the clouds to get some kind of details and plans before I tell our 7 kids they have 20min to pack an overnight bag and get in the car because we’re going ‘somewhere’, again.

So why don’t I use that same kind of attitude in my business adventures….

Fear. of. Vulnerability. Fear of Failure.

Last night my husband said, in a very kind way, “Get Over Yourself. Stop using other things as an excuse to not get started. You know what you need to do, or maybe this isn’t what you want to do after all.” Normally, I’d fire back and defend my fears and excuses but I knew he was right.

So, here I am, no more excuses and quieting fear as best as I can. See you soon!